The third book set on Carver’s World!

“Of course, you’re going to write a book about Fireboy, too, aren’t you?”

The Fireboy cover by Maurizio Manziere

Another gorgeous cover by Maurizio Manzieri! Click here to see the triptych of all three Carver’s World covers.

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It made sense. As I wrote Sky Carver, his two sidekicks – Raven and Fireboy – developed into real people in their own right. I had no plans for a sequel then, but several fans wanted a book about Raven, and one other voice in particular spoke so fondly of “loyal Fireboy,” that he had to have his own book, too. The series became inevitable. For many reasons (including a couple of murder mystery weekends, some short stories, some other novels, and an international economic meltdown) Fireboy took longer to write, and even longer to publish. Finally, the book is done, and with another brilliant cover by Maurizio Manzieri! It starts several months after Sky Carver ends . . .

After nearly a year as a boatman on the stinking, crowded canals of Dunsgow, Fireboy’s great skill with boats and engines has earned him barely half of the money he needs to pay off his mother’s bond fee. Only then can he return to the River Slow, reunite his family, and work his own boat on clean water. A chance meeting with a seer inspires him to trade in his boat, Water Sprite, for the Golden Minnow, a new steam launch expressly designed for shallow waters. Contrary to all tradition and the strange force that holds people to the single reach of the river where they were born, Fireboy takes a commission above the Great Falls, and on the Wynde River, for Baron Miner – the man who holds his mother’s bond. If his calculations are correct, the Baron’s commission, added to the money he’s already saved, will free his mother in one trip.

What Fireboy can’t calculate are the changes wrought on his plans by Jake, a wily young juggler on the run from Baron Miner’s men. By Lucide, half human, half water sprite, trying to break free of her own bonds of duty and love. And by the binding lies of Karl Tinker, the Baron’s leader in a campaign to find and destroy the source of magic on all of the Five Rivers.

Fireboy’s journey takes him from the rivers he knows to the tangled, bemagicked forests of the highest reaches of the land – to make and lose new friends, his new boat, and even his own free will – before he can discover which bonds and talents really matter.

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