My Fiction

Just Published!

Finn’s Clock – a coming-of-age story set on the Boston waterfront.

Finn's Clock cover art showing Finn and a wharf and the Chinese Junk anchored in the background below a backdrop of elaborate clockwork.

Available in eBook for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo; coming soon for iBook!

A historical fantasy with a touch of steampunk, set in a time when steam was threatening sail, factories were displacing workers, and the immigrants were Irish – unwanted and under threat, but determined to make their place here. It’s 1853, and into Boston Harbor sails a sea-going Chinese junk, bearing mysteries and magic.

My Next Project

Another story set in the not-too-distant past, with a lot more steampunk than Finn’s Clock: A scientist/engineer/inventor working secretly for the U.S. Army in 1878. A fantastic cannon powered by aetheric resonance. A terrible miscalculation. Now Jakub Skovajsa and his daughter, Tereza Skovajsová are forced to leave the U.S. under a cloud of mystery and fear. There have been death threats. Only one steamship line will risk taking them aboard for the passage back to Europe: the Scots-American Line. A young steward named Ewan Gilmore is assigned the duty of traveling as a passenger, to act as their secret bodyguard. Ewan is sailing under his own cloud, and this one assignment is the only way he can redeem his reputation and keep his job with the line. It looks to be easy enough . . . until the first death. Spies, stowaways, a French Count, a feisty Southern Belle. Who can you trust? Watch for THE BELL CANNON, coming in 2018.

This Month’s Offering

My short story “The Fax Man” (one of the stories in my collection, Iridescence). It’s a comedic romp from the antediluvian days when Fax machines were still the fastest way to send messages. What if you could fax people? What if the copies were only allowed a few hours of life? Who would want to do that? Who – or what – would clean up the mess?

Download it here: The Fax Man