I write stories . . .

. . . both real life and fiction.

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Finn’s Clock, a historical fantasy set in a time when steam was threatening sail, when factories were displacing workers, when the immigrants were Irish – unwanted, but determined to make their place here. It’s 1853, and into Boston Harbor sails a Chinese junk bearing mysteries and magic.

Humans love a good story. We like characters, action, purpose, and passion – something to get excited about. That’s the type of story I like to read and write, as both author and freelance writer.

My specialty in fiction is fantasy and science fiction, but I’ll read just about any genre, as long as the characters are lively, the action is entertaining, the locale is intriguing, and the themes are important to me. In other words, my literature has to be entertaining, believable, and intelligent, both in content and in style.

If you feel the same way about what you read (and write), I hope you’ll browse the other pages here and sample some of my work.

Something Special: Laniakea!

Sign on for the incredible journey through a hidden cluster of galaxies . . .

Space ship accelerating through deep space against a background of super novas and a black hole.