What I love about Dean’s coaching is that he takes the least skilled writers just as seriously as the self-confident, committed ones. The students can feel this. – Emily Silver, high school English teacher

In addition to readings and signing sessions at bookstores, I can provide a variety of programs for schools, libraries, and reading groups:

  • Straightforward readings and ask-the-author sessions
  • Presentations on aspects of writing
  • Brainstorming sessions to create story ideas
  • Classroom activities to build basic fiction-writing skills
  • Multi-day residencies that cover the basic four Ps of fiction:
    People, Place, Plot, and Purpose
  • Co-teaching creative fiction writing
  • Leading a writers workshop

I enjoy introducing young people to the excitement of storytelling through the written word. I also enjoy working with people of all ages who are seriously interested in learning to write fiction or who want to polish the skills they already have. My focus as a writer is fantasy literature, but the skills I teach apply to any genre.

In the classroom, I try to engage every student, using a lively question-and-response dialog mixed with group and solo exercises that give everyone a chance to write, read, speak up, and stretch their imaginations.

The children were captivated, involved, and by the end of the session attached to their story. – Sue Martin, K-8 reading teacher

When leading adult groups, I enjoy a format where the participants actually have time to write, so I can work with them as teacher, mentor, editor, and literary critic.

As a co-teacher for longer time periods, I add a writers workshop section, where everyone gets to comment, but no one gets to abuse, where criticism includes not only critique, but also praise for the parts that work.

A cancer survivor of 20-plus years, I can also present an engaging and enlightening “lecture” on how humor helped save my life. The message is serious, but everyone gets a chance to share a favorite joke.

Please feel free to contact me at any time about fees, scheduling, and workshop ideas.

Thank you again for coming and spending your time with us. I loved it!!!!!!!  – sixth-grade student