My Short Stories

I broke into professional authorship with short stories, as many authors do. I still write short stories, but only occasionally. Writing novels takes up a great deal of time; sometimes a short story provides a welcome break, but sometimes it’s a distraction that demands to be written. I listen to that voice. This page lists all of them so far.

cover art by Tim Gabor for All or Nothing by Dean Whitlock

My first cover story! Artist Tim Gabor did the artwork for “All or Nothing”.

Many of these stories are available in libraries or by buying back issues of the magazine in which they appeared. Others are very difficult to find. I am currently digitizing the older ones (slowly) and making them available one at a time here on this site (scroll down). My first collection of ten stories – Iridescence – is now available. Here, in chronological order, is the whole list . . . so far:

“The Million Dollar Wound,” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan. 1987. Reprinted in the anthology The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Fifth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Press, 1988.

“Containment,” Aboriginal Science Fiction, Feb./Mar. 1987. (A semi-pro ‘zine, but well done and missed.) Included in Iridescence and other stories.

“Roadkill,” Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Nov. 1987. Included in Iridescence and other stories.

“Miriam, Messiah,” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan. 1988. Reprinted in Das Weihnacts-Buch Der Phantasie, Dec. 1988; in Noëls d’Hier et de Demain, edited by my good friend Pierre-Alexandre Sicart, Argemmios éditions, 2013, and included in Iridescence and other stories

“Winter Solstice,” Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Dec. 1988. Included in Iridescence and other stories.

“Iridescence,” Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Jan. 1989. Reprinted in Aliens, Berkeley Press, 1991; voted one of the year’s top ten in Asimov’s annual readers poll for best short story. The cover story in Iridescence and other stories.

“All or Nothing,” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb. 1989. (My first cover story, with artwork by West Coast artist Tim Gabor.)

“The Scent of Cloves,” The Gate, Spring 1990. (A short-lived British magazine.)

Cover art for French Christmas Anthology edited by Pierre-Alexandre Sicart.

Cover art by Philippe Caza for Christmases of Yesterday and Tomorrow, edited by Pierre-Alexandre Sicart, with my story “Miriam Messiah.”

“The Fax Man,” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sept. 1990. (A favorite of mine, but so dated now.) Included in Iridescence and other stories.

“On the Death of Daniel,” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar. 1991. Included in Iridescence and other stories.

“The Woman, the Pilot, the Raven,” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug. 1991. Included in Iridescence and other stories.

“The Man Who Loved Kites,” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dec. 1991. My second cover story, with a beautiful painting by artist Bryan Leister. Reprinted in Number 7 of F&SF’s new Italian Edition, published by Elara Libri, Oct. 2013, with an equally beautiful illustration by Italian artist Maurizio Manzieri. Now available as a chapbook with Maurizio’s beautiful cover, colorized! And also included in Iridescence and other stories.

“Sliding the Edge,” Aboriginal Science Fiction, Summer 1992.

“Three Gifts” Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb. 1995. Reprinted in the Italian Edition, Number 7, February 2014. Included in Iridescence and other stories.

“Waiting for the Girl from California,” in the anthology The Touch, conceived by Steven-Elliot Altman, edited by Patrick Merla, and published by iBooks in 2000. (Re-released in a mass paperback edition in 2003.) The Touch is a Write Aid literary work; the authors donated their works and the publisher donated profits to fund research into cures for AIDS and cancer. I’m a leukemia survivor, so this one meant a lot to me.

“Changeling,” Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2009.

“Nanosferatu,” Fantasy & Science Fiction, January/February 2010. (The title pun alone should have earned this one an award!)

“The Rite of the Yearly King,” Et d’Avalon à Camelot, edited by Lucie Chenu (and translated by her as well). Éditions Terre de Brume, 2012.

As a teaser to new readers, I’m posting selected short stories here in PDF format for visitors to download for free. After all, you’ve read this far; you deserve some thanks! Here is The Woman, the Pilot, the Raven,” which is also included in my first short story collection, Iridescence and other stories.

I could say it was Dicey who almost got me killed — God knows she put me on the edge often enough — but I was the fool who decided to go ahead up the mountain. And, at the end, she was the one who told me to stay off the cliff. Dead, she tried to save my life. I suppose dying changes your point of view. . . .