The god-like being, Ahilaa'n


Join award-winning artist Maurizio Manzieri and me for a journey of exploration through the galaxies of Laniakea, the thread of our universe at the core of creation.

Our guides will be sentient species from many worlds. Our companions will be astronomers, anthropologists, linguists, botanists, xenologists, artists, scribes, and more. Our compass will be imagination, our muse the god-like being Ahilaa’n.

Our destination: a bound volume of illustrations and journal entries, documenting the past, present, and future of Laniakea.

Launch date, May 2017.

Journey’s end, . . .?

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Sentients of a hundred different species have viewed the portrait of Ahilaa’n since it was discovered millennia ago . . . clear, unbroken, deeply incised in the adamant stone, yet every being who looked on it has seen a different face . . . Ahilaa’n is the midwife, the birther, pulling newborn worlds from the roiling womb of creation at the core of the singularity that became our cosmos . . .